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The Numidia airport, located in Central Pennsylvania, was established in 1925 as an important component in the first complete US Airmail system.
It was one of many small airstrips that made up the “highway of lights” that shined brightly at night
to guide pilots from New York to Chicago and on to San Francisco.
This system allowed airmail planes to fly day and night in the coast-to-coast delivery of US airmail.
Today, it is a private airport for ultralight planes and other aircraft.

It is owned and operated by George Beaver, grandson of Amos Teple, the original owner and operator.
The vital role the Numidia airport played in the first nationwide airmail route has been preserved
by George Beaver, who painstakingly replicated the original tower beacon and caretaker’s shanty from 1925.
More information about the
Numidia Airport History
and the
US Airmail History have been documented in this website.

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